Blindsided By My Mortality

November 15, 2011 § 6 Comments

In five short days I will turn forty.  The prospect has brought with it some previously unforeseen emotional consequences as well as some practical realities.

Today, I’m writing about one of the latter being that I don’t have a will.  I know eh, how morbid is that?  I’m about to embark on the second half of what’s already been an amazing journey and I’m starting with thoughts like, “What happens if I die tomorrow?”

But it has made me think, what happens to Daughter, to our four cats, to our property, our stuff should Hubby and I happen to die at the same time?

Hubby has a will, in which everything is left to me.  That’s great and all but again it doesn’t deal with the issues I just mentioned.

We need to sit down and discuss guardianship of our daughter, homes for our cats, distribution or sale of property, liquidation of assets, our retirement savings and investments.  That’s not even considering the more personal and historical family items that we want to pass down.

Maybe this is a good thing…maybe it means that I’m finally a for real grown up ready to deal with the things that really matter?


§ 6 Responses to Blindsided By My Mortality

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