Welcome Sarah Jane

January 9, 2012 § 6 Comments

“What were we thinking” is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Daughter’s new kitten.  You’d think with a household that already more cats than people, adding another to the mix would be the last thing we wanted to do.

And you’d be right. Except that Daughter has been asking, nay begging, for a furry friend of her very own for the better part of 6 months. When she first brought it up Hubby and I laughed and said, “Sure, when one of the ones we already have has moved on.”

Needless to say Daughter thought this totally unfair seeing as how she had absolutely no say whatsoever in the decision to already have four cats. Especially Panther, the latest addition, who was actually her brother’s cat that we took in because he was no longer in the position to care for her. Her exclamation of, “So NOT fair” had some serious merit.

Nevertheless when the requests began getting regular – a couple of times a week – just before Christmas we had the holidays to put the whole thing off. I am seriously against getting pets as holiday presents whether it be a bunny for Easter or a puppy for Christmas.  A pet deserves more contemplation and preparation than to be adopted on holiday whims. JMO.

In any case, the New Year rolled around and Daughter asked us again, “Can I get a kitten?” Hubby and I agreed that the best course of action was to take Daughter out so she could look and, more importantly, get a handle on just how much a kitten needs and what those needs cost.

What Hubby and I did not necessarily agree on was that she would get one that very day. *sigh* Alas, I was not present when Daughter laid her eyes on…

and immediately fell in love with, this.  Meet Sarah Jane Smith (yep, a hardcore Dr. Who fan through and through – a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen RIP and her character).  How’s the “Awwww” factor for you? Worse is that she is even cuter in real life.

Of course it took me mere minutes to be totally okay with the whole thing. The clincher were the kitty kisses on my nose the first time I held her.

The other cats however, well…it’s a been a week now and the opinions range from curiosity, Darth and Herc, to mild disdain, Rosie, to outright disgust “How could you bring that orange furball into MY house”, Panther.

Twice now Panther has rolled the poor little thing in a show of “I’ll learn you who’s boss around here.”  The first time she got away with it with only a stern talking to, the second time Hubby was not so forgiving and tossed Panther into the snow out back. (No she wasn’t hurt at all, just a little freaked out and perhaps a bit chilly.) I think Panther’s thoughts were, “Oh shit! That’s right, YOU’RE boss around here.”

In any case, for all concerned, we’re keeping Sarah Jane and Panther at a distance and only allowing mingling under strict supervision. Anyway, “busy” does not even begin to describe the energy Sarah Jane exudes. I would so love one of those devices that measures the speed of a moving object just to see how quickly she actually moves when she’s tearing through the house.

And absolutely EVERYTHING must be smelled, tasted and chewed on. Already Daughter’s headphones are toast and we’re constantly having to make sure the little thing doesn’t electrocute itself (or bring down the internet) chewing through live wires.

Certainly reminds me why it’s been almost 9 years since we brought a kitten into the fold. Rescued cats are so much easier in that they are just grateful to have a roof, food, the occasional treat and a little lovin’ now and again. Kittens are just so entitled.  😀



§ 6 Responses to Welcome Sarah Jane

  • rumpydog says:

    What looks like being mean and may even sound like being mean is not being mean. To be honest, the more you intervene, the longer it may take for them to work out their relationship status. Panther is establishing dominance. It is part of teaching a kitten to be an adult cat. It may be hard, but please humans, let the cats deal with this themselves. I promise it will all work out.

  • Sheri says:

    Thanks for the advice Rumpy. I’m actually very grateful for it. It’s been so long since we’ve had a kitten and even when we did, there was such a disparage of age amongst the cats, this was never an issue before. We’ve never introduced a kitten with such a young furbling (Panther is barely 3) before. And, believe me, Panther has gotten plenty of hugs, kisses and understanding since that incident.

    Still, I’m not sure I can just stand by while a much larger cat pounces on a little kitten. I totally get what you’re saying about letting them work out their own hierarchy, but what if I let it go and the little one ends up hurt?

    I’m quite conflicted about the whole thing, to be honest.

    I think I’ll be up late doing research. Again, I appreciate your thoughtful advice. You really are one smart dog. 😉

  • Cate says:

    You’ll be needing the spray bottle full of water for when the kitten reaches the stage of racing up the curtains 🙂

  • Sheri says:

    Cate – Oh heavens! I totally forgot about the curtains. So far Sarah Jane hasn’t taken notice but, now that you mention it, I do remember several times having to peel Rosie from the very top of a panel because she couldn’t get down. Weeee, kittens are fun! 😉

  • Shady Lady says:

    I am sooooo not a cat person, but Sarah Jane is truly adorable!!

  • Sheri says:

    Shady – Hehe, you don’t have to be a cat person to appreciate the cuteness. 😀

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