Our 30 Day Paleo Challenge

January 12, 2012 § 18 Comments

On January 2nd we started a 30 day Paleo challenge. The basic idea is to eat like a caveman for 30 days and see how you feel at the end of it. So far my favourite comment from family and friends has been from my brother who asked, “Where are you going to get dinosaur meat?”

He was just being cute and I was being even cuter when I replied nonchalantly, “Oh, we know a guy.”

The thing I found interesting though is how often, in the 10 days since we started this new way of eating, that the questions come up.  “What, no bread?”  Nope. “No potatoes, rice or pasta?” Nope.  The best has to be, “Then what are you eating”, as though I’m starving myself.

What I am eating is; beef, chicken, pork…bacon, lots of bacon, eggs, spinach, zucchini, carrots, squash, turnips, strawberries, blueberries, coconut milk, raw almonds, cauliflower, green beans, green peppers, assorted leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, butter and onions.

That’s just in the last 10 days. Really, I’m hardly starving.

But I’ve cheated too. Let’s see…1/2 dozen leftover Christmas cookies, milk chocolate, pizza and the three cough drops I ate because I was too lazy to get up and get the cookies.

Overall though, the last 10 days have shown me that I CAN do this. In general I just feel better, have more energy and a more positive outlook. Despite the setback of actually gaining a couple of pounds in the first week, by sticking with it, I’ve subsequently lost more than I gained and then some.

This shit works.

Changing our diet and the foods we eat is Phase one. The next phase will be about incorporating regular exercise into our routine. We’re not looking to run marathons here, just to invigorate ourselves a little with some physical activity. Especially important here in Canada in January when the weather outside leaves you not even wanting to open the front door, let alone get out for a brisk walk.

Snow, freezing rain, more snow.

For now, I’m keeping Phase Three as a surprise, mostly because I’m not exactly sure about it. I’m leaning towards…ahhh, you’ll have to wait.  😛

If you’re at all interested in Paleo and want more info check out GROKette’s Primal Musings for an intro into the world of Paleo. She has more info, links and experience than I do and I loved her latest article.

I’ll keep you posted.



§ 18 Responses to Our 30 Day Paleo Challenge

  • Shady Lady says:

    Lost more than you gained and then some?! You didn’t tell me that! What a wonderful surprise!! 😀 I knew you were going to love the Paleo/Primal life!! You go, girl! Welcome to an awesome journey. It so rocks!!

  • Ute says:

    Ha! And then they look at you sadly and tell you, that they need to be able to enjoy food, and clearly, since you’re severely depriving yourself of anything good, you must not enjoy your food. Poor, poor you! 😉

  • Ute says:

    Oh!!! And thank you for the link love!!! Thank you, thank you!! 🙂

    • Sheri says:

      You’re most welcome Ute! Hehe, yep…poor, poor me. Excuse me now while I go check on the meat sauce for tonight’s spaghetti squash dinner. 😛

  • Sheri says:

    Hey Shady – Yep! I had gained two pounds at first but I’ve since lost that and another two or three. It’s not like it’s melting off or anything, it’s pretty gradual. The real fun is in the food though. I’ll be doing a post about that. 😀

  • Cate says:

    I get the Paleo thing, but I still need the energy from carbs like oats to get me through my increasingly full on workouts! Go you though 🙂

    • Ute says:

      Cate, it is a myth that athletes need carbs for energy. As a matter of fact, carbs make me sick and slow me down significantly. Your body doesn’t need the glucose to turn into energy. If you eat a paleo diet, it’ll simply use the ketones instead.
      From an evolutionary standpoint we were much fitter and in better shape before the introduction of agriculture, and with it, grains, sugar… and ultimately all the modern day diseases we are struggling with.
      Case in point: I have been a runner for 3 years. When I started, I ran my little heart out and ate what was recommended by the media/specialists. I did not lose weight and was not a great runner either. It took me a full 2 hours and 40 minutes to run my first half marathon.
      One year later (April of 2011) I was able to cut my time by 30 minutes. When you do a little homework, you will see that being an athlete and eating a paleo diet actually can go hand in hand quite nicely.
      Having said all that, I am also not trying to convert anyone, just making sure people understand, that it is not impossible to be an athlete without all the carbs.

      • patty says:

        hey cate! i had to comment, too… carbs do provide energy, BUT, complex carbs from fruits and veggies are so much more worthwhile. you don’t dive-bomb from a sugar high you get with simple carbs(sugars) and grain carbs, even whole grains and you don’t suffer the inflammatory process caused by gluten… at least that’s what the lit is saying.

        i say, try it for 2 weeks.. you’ll be so suprised. and ripped like a washboard… just sayin’.

  • Sheri says:

    Cate – Hey no worries, I’m not trying to convert anyone. I figured I would just give it a shot and see how it went. So far it’s going very well. 😀

  • rumpydog says:

    This does sound interesting…. keep us posted!

    • Sheri says:

      Hey Rumpy! It is an interesting approach to eating, having been taught how important grains and starches are most of our lives. But I am noticing a difference, if not so much in how much I actually weigh, but how I feel and how I look. I both feel and look better, healthier. And that matters way more than what the scale says. 😀

  • patty says:

    i’m here from cate’s moments of whimsy… i noticed your post title under your comment and had to swing by. i started crossfit last july, and paleo as a result of that last august… i.love.it. i am a sweettooth by nature and love nothing more than a loaf of crusty homemade bread, but mm. i did paleo fairly well for almost 5 months… i lost no weight over-all (didn’t want to-and ate my natural carbs (fruit, veggies))-), but became very lean and dropped 2 pant sizes over-all. i never felt stronger or more energized, and SO motivated to exercise. what i love most is leaving our grocery store with good, whole, natural-as-God-intended foods. feels like i’m being a better mama and wife to feed my family so well. eating and cooking are a whole new thing now.
    i also like recipes from everydaypaleo.com. wolff’s book, “paleo solution” is awesome, too.
    good luck with it-hhope you all stick to it, phase 1, 2, 3 and beyond! :))

    • Sheri says:

      Hi Patty, yes, I’ve seen you around…welcome! Thanks for sharing your experience with Paleo. We did try it – mostly half assed – last year but my commitment to it wasn’t strong enough. This time though, we’ve pushed through long enough to start seeing and feeling results. It’s true, I do feel much better and have more energy. I also feel much better about both the grocery shopping and cooking. Thanks for the suggested reading, I’ve visited Everyday Paleo and have stolen a few recipes from there. 😉

  • Cate says:

    Woooh – am feeling a bit jumped on here! Am not against Paleo at all – in fact my daughter is entirely gluten-free and for me, I was just saying that I still feel that I need my oats of a morning as I am doing some heavy lifting at the mo. Totally get the “natural carbs” thing and was a Atkins advocate myself many years ago. Have managed to lose over 18 kg over the past year while including oats and other carbs I should add.

    • Sheri says:

      I don’t think anyone meant any disrespect Cate…I’m sorry you feel that way. You do not have to justify your bowl of morning oats here. I value and respect your experience as much as anyone else’s. You’ve gotten the results you wanted your way and I think that’s awesome. Hugs.

  • Cate says:

    Thanks mate, however when I pop over to one of your other commentator’s blogs to read that I am apparently yet another advocate of “carb-loading” etc etc – I kinda get a sour taste in the mouth.

    And all because I admitted that enjoy a 1/2 cup of oats of a morning – sometimes before, and sometimes after a workout. So shoot me.

    There are plenty of so called scientific studies out there on both sides, and I have read many of the low carb ones in the past. There are also plenty with different perspectives (eg: http://drclydewilson.typepad.com/drclydewilson/2011/02/paleo-diet-is-incompetent-legumes-are-not-anti-nutrients.html) – which is why it is good to read and weigh up the info for yourself.

    Anyhow, as I have said all along – good on you with your quest to be healthy Sheri. I’ll just bow out of this topic from now on, x

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