Only To Make Things Worse

April 30, 2012 § 3 Comments

Nothing hurts more than believing you are doing good
Only to find out your actions led only to make things worse

It singes, it burns and digs really deep
Moments when composure is real tough to keep

When what you offer in kindness, as medicine
Leaves them reeling and foaming at the mouth

And in that moment, you would trade places
Stricken with fear and doubt, you would gladly take their pain

I truly thought I was helping!




Project 52 – Week 17

April 29, 2012 § 3 Comments

Lessons in Life’s Not Fair

Loss in varying degrees, pain remains the same
Lessons in life’s not fair

I hold you as you hold her
Her body weak and listless

You blame yourself, I’m desperate to refute
Life’s like that sometimes, the point is moot

Your pain sears my soul
Her frail ginger body in your hands

You think it’s all your fault, when it really is not
Life’s just not fair sometimes

And we should not entertain
Until it’s a for sure deal

She can still get better

Sarah Jane had a rare and extreme adverse reaction to her vaccines. She had to be taken to the emergency animal hospital for treatment. She had stopped moving around, she had trouble opening her eyes and she starting drooling, indicating having trouble swallowing.

There, they gave her shots of steroids and Benadryl and said we’d have to watch her for the next twelve hours. No promises, no guarantees. Watch and wait and hopefully your beloved pet will make it through the night.

So far so good. She’s eating, purring, if not moving around as much as we’d hoped.

Pieces of Peace

April 21, 2012 § 3 Comments

It started with a conversation
Simple, heartfelt, pleasant

Unlike our, as of late, usual

It proceeded with a joke
In fun, at each other, we poked

Unlike the frustration that’s been mutual

These pieces of peace put my mind at ease
Reminding me of when things were simpler

We ate a good meal, talked a great deal
And then you went on your merry way

Just like it’s supposed to be

Project 52 – Weeks 15 & 16

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment


A little late to be sure
All intentions still pure

I’ve reached the point of salient
All in or only out

Where is the me that used to shout
This me only sighs

Why does it always come down
To just do or die

I’m only half way through
I’m only half way grown

Hard to get a grip on that
With all I’ve known

I’ve reached the point of salient
No more one foot in and one out

Where is the me that used to shout
About how unfair, how unjust

This me only accepts
It is a must

Reaching the point of salient


April 17, 2012 § 5 Comments

Well, things are back to normal around here. Temperatures are typical for Spring again, sunny and cool, which is nice. Guinness is back home with his family and happy to be amongst his people again.

I’ve lost a bit of the momentum I had last week and haven’t made much more progress on the Spring cleaning/decluttering. I’m good with that though because I did get quite the head start.

Hubby and Daughter have their tickets for next month’s Comic Con and both are very excited. It’s the first time such a high profile exhibition has come to our city and some pretty big names will be visiting. Daughter is most keen to meet Patrick Stewart from Star Trek, though I think secretly Hubby is even more so.

The convention is the weekend of May 12-13 which happens to coincide with both our Anniversary (12) and Mother’s Day (13). I might have been upset about this back when we were first married but now I’m actually excited. Even though the event takes place in our city, Hubby and Daughter are going to get a hotel room close to the convention centre and make a weekend out it.

For me that means 1 night and 2 whole days to MYSELF.  And for that, I’m not at all bothered about postponing any celebrations for those special days. Of course, I was invited to go along with them but it’s really not my cup of tea and it allows me some much needed JUST ME time.

The big question of course is WHAT WILL I DO with this precious time? You know, I haven’t the first clue.

I could list all the typical standbys; have a bubble bath, invite some friends over and have girl time, go out to a movie or a concert, read a book (undisturbed), do something crafty etc…

I could list all the typical NOT DOINGs as well; house/yard work, laundry, cooking, bookkeeping etc…

But since this is a very atypical experience for me, the last time I had such the luxury was three years ago, I’ve thought maybe I should try doing something really out of my comfort zone, something that will remind me of my individuality (separateness from wife and mom), something COOL.

Any ideas? Because seriously, I am a total loss. Good thing I have three weeks to figure it out.  😀

House Guest

April 11, 2012 § 4 Comments

Our favourite house guest has been with us for a week and a half and it’s been such a joy having him.

Guinness!!!  Yay.  What a great dog he is.  If we were going to be dog owners, we’d have to be able to pre-order a Guinness dog. He’s so quiet, so agreeable and so lovable.  He appreciates everything we do for him with a happy tail wag and friendly growls.

Unfortunately, his age (12 years) and ever weakening joints means that this will likely be his last visit with us. His owner has decided that it’s time to consider putting him down.  As it was, she was adamant that if we couldn’t take him this time around, she’d have done it already in lieu of putting him in a kennel.

To her credit, Guinness isn’t even her dog really, she inherited him from her father who passed away a few years ago and she has gone above and beyond to give him a good home. But she never wanted a dog and never pretended too.  Yes, she does care about him and has given him a good home but an elderly dog is a lot to take on in the best of circumstances.

I’m torn. We love Guinness and really enjoy being temporary caregivers. The key word being “temporary”. If we wanted a dog full-time, we’d have one. Hubby and I have discussed it at length and have decided that our clowder of cats is more than enough.

So, unless we’re willing to take Guinness permanently then we have no choice but to support his owner in her decision. Which I know has been a very difficult one for her. On one hand I’m very sad that he’ll only be around another couple of months and on the other, I feel privileged to have been a part of his life.

The Best Dog I Ever Knew

A Head Start

April 9, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’ve gotten a head start on the Spring Cleaning this year and I have to admit that it feels really good. When normally I’m just starting my lists and making mental notes, this year I’ve already made headway.  In the last week I’ve made a trip to the donation centre, I’ve de-cluttered four of the six rooms on the main floor and I’ve top to bottom scrubbed the main bathroom.

House Shoes: $19.95

Membership @
Includes access to a ton of tips on the website AND
daily motivational reminder e-mails: FREE

Empty Bins for Sorting and Storing: $32.00

Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies
: $27.50
(Cleansers, Scrubby Pads/Brushes, Garbage Bags)

7 days, 6 bins and $80 later

My house is tidy, if not quite yet clean, and I have centralized all the clutter into one space that I can sort through piecemeal.  All in all, the toughest part of the spring clean is out of the way and I can forge ahead without the usual just getting started dread.

Oh, and the best part…

New Bath Stopper – $3.99

Having a bath in a sparkling clean tub: PRICELESS

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