A Head Start

April 9, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’ve gotten a head start on the Spring Cleaning this year and I have to admit that it feels really good. When normally I’m just starting my lists and making mental notes, this year I’ve already made headway.  In the last week I’ve made a trip to the donation centre, I’ve de-cluttered four of the six rooms on the main floor and I’ve top to bottom scrubbed the main bathroom.

House Shoes: $19.95

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Empty Bins for Sorting and Storing: $32.00

Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies
: $27.50
(Cleansers, Scrubby Pads/Brushes, Garbage Bags)

7 days, 6 bins and $80 later

My house is tidy, if not quite yet clean, and I have centralized all the clutter into one space that I can sort through piecemeal.  All in all, the toughest part of the spring clean is out of the way and I can forge ahead without the usual just getting started dread.

Oh, and the best part…

New Bath Stopper – $3.99

Having a bath in a sparkling clean tub: PRICELESS


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