Project 52 – Week 18

May 3, 2012 § 3 Comments

In This Moment

I call just to say Hi, see how’re you doing
And I get the same old response

“Busy now dear, can I call you back?”

Two minutes, two freakin’ minutes
Is all it would take to say Hi, I love you, been thinking

How’ve you been doing, how you’re gettin’ on
Want to tell you how your grandkids are

I’m fine, the kids’ pretty good, all of us doin’ well
But you want to wait until later for me to tell

Later has been my whole life and I’m tired of this
I still try my best to include you

“Busy now dear, can I call you back?”

Sure, but in this moment I’m angry
And think to myself, I might just not answer

Knowing full well that I will
I’ve got a whole life full of sharing to spill

And you’ll nod and you’ll smile and say “Good for you.”
And in my heart I’ll still be sad, that that’s the best you can do

40 years old and in this moment
I want a parent still

§ 3 Responses to Project 52 – Week 18

  • shadyladypdx says:

    Oh Sheri…it is so hard for you to let go. Perhaps the fact that my mother is gone makes it easier? But she was never there and somehow, I’ve just gotten used to it. I think there is a cold side to me, though…could that be where it comes from? I had to get cold to not let it bother me anymore. I dunno.

    (((hugs))) to you

  • Sheri says:

    It’s all good Shady, just a momentary lapse. Actually, I’m doing much better with it all than I ever have. Thanks for the hugs though, I’ll take ’em and send ’em back double. 😛

  • Cate says:

    Hang in there girl. My mum is okay, but other family members have been “unavailable” when we have paid thousands and returned to Australia for one of our once in 3 year trips – that sure hurts!

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