Simple Gal

June 4, 2012 § 3 Comments

Hubby is an IT consultant and is totally a self-made man. He taught himself what he needed to know in order to get people to pay to train him on what he didn’t. Clever monkey eh? For his entire career he worked long hours, spent weeks away from home and spent nearly a decade on-call wearing a beeper that summoned him into the office at any hour of the day or night.

It wasn’t easy for us as a family but the benefits increased with every new opportunity and we muddled through. We bought a house while we were still in our twenties and settled into our little piece of the North American dream. Eventually, we took out a home equity loan, a line of credit and leased a new car. That’s what everyone does, right?

Then, about 5 years ago, rather unexpectedly, Hubby lost his job and we were jolted awake into the very rude North American reality. Our bubble burst and we were facing the very frightening prospect of losing our home. We consolidated, reeled in our lifestyle, cut back expenses and ate Kraft dinner three times a week. Hubby took whatever jobs he could get and even delivered pizza in the evenings for a few months.

It worked and we were able to keep our house despite having to get a second mortgage worth 50% of the original asking price. Since then things are much better. Hubby got better and better contracts, debt was getting repaid and decreasing and we never fell back into the credit trap.

I give Hubby most of the credit for this of course because it is him out in the rat race busting his hump. But this weekend he told me that I am largely responsible for keeping us out of financial trouble. I asked him what he was talking about and he pointed at this…

It is the purse I had just bought and was gushing over, “It’s corduroy, it’s striped, it’s soooooo cute!”

I was confused. He asked how much I paid for it even though he knew full well because he was right there.Β  “Three dollars,” I said.

He replied, “Exactly” and then kissed my forehead.

“Oh, okay I get it. You know though, I would have paid ten.”

“Maybe, but you wouldn’t have paid more than that. You would have walked away from it, not something that a lot of people can do, especially when they can actually afford it.”

“I never look at it that way and heaven help us if I ever do. As long as we have a mortgage, in my mind, we can’t afford it.”

“And that is why we won’t ever get into the same kind of trouble we did a few years ago.”

Personally, I think he gives me too much credit but who am I to argue.Β  πŸ˜‰

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