Fireplace Room To Library – Part Two

June 29, 2012 § 3 Comments

Well day two of the reno means Part Two of the blog update.  I got a fair bit done today though not as much as I would have liked. It was stinking hot this afternoon so I cut my priming short before I fainted into the paint tray.  I did get the second coat of mud on the new wall seams and I’m very pleased about that.

I also got the paneling above the fireplace (One day I’ll explain about the paneling and how we have some above the fireplace and had a whole different kind against the adjacent wall – No, I didn’t put it there.) primed as well as the main wall. Keep in mind, it’s just the first coat and I have a minimum of two more to do.

Fireplace BEFORE primer

Fireplace AFTER primer

Next is the longest wall of the room…BEFORE primer

Main wall AFTER primer

Sure toned it down eh?  I still have a ways to go but progress is progress.

As well as priming and painting I also have to come up with a design for my shelves. I mean a library isn’t really a library if there’s no shelves for books.

It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds though.  Not only do I have to imagine and draw what kinds of shelves and units I want and where I want them, I have to do MATH to make sure they’ll fit.

I need to take wall measurements, both height and width, I need to decide how deep, tall and wide I want my shelves and how they will be spaced out through the room, all the while keeping in mind how much furniture I hope to have and its dimensions.

Now I know why people hire designers to do this shit. Holy Crap!  Oh well, I don’t have that luxury so I guess I’ll be winging it.  Overall though, as intimidating as some parts are, most of it is fun and at the end I can truly say I designed the room myself.

Stay Tuned for Part Three  😀


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