Project 52 – Week 30.5ish

July 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

Facing My Fears

It’s a wonder I made it to forty
For all the things I’m scared of

Recently, I tried, going up really high
Something that births terror in my belly

It’s a wonder I didn’t scream
Oh wait, I did, a little

We went up and around 170ft
Again, and again, again and again

Something outside creaked loudly
Hubby laughed wickedly

At the expression on my face

Finally, it ended, I bolted
And almost kissed the ground

It’s a wonder I made it to forty years

When I’m scared of heights, loud noises, spiders, the dark, traffic,
clowns, balloons, aliens, doors left unlocked, bunnies (you’ve obviously
never had one jump across your path at night) and a host of other things.


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