Project 52 – Week 35

August 23, 2012 § 3 Comments

The Woman That Saved Me

Graduation day, 19 year old me
My son had just turned three

Two years earlier I was alone and unsure
Struggling but trusting my intentions as pure

I sought a way to make good and do right
And before long I had an angel in sight

The woman that saved me
Is as mild mannered as they come

Well, after all, she is a Nun

But not typical, in any way, shape or form
Sister Betty Ann was definitely not the norm

But she always got the job done
She always made her point and got her way

At the very end of the day

The woman that saved me
Built a school where I could go
When I was 18 with a toddler in tow

And when she spoke with me
She always encouraged the best I could be

She was also an English teacher and liked my poetry
She always told me I should keep at it

The woman that saved me

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