On Recycling and Elbow Grease – Prt. 1

November 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

This morning, as I brushed through our basement on my way to do the laundry, I did an involuntary mental inventory of the crap we are storing and I had an idea about a Christmas gift for the toddler daughter of some good friends.

It’s a preschool easel/chalkboard combo.

I wasn’t even sure we still had it, thinking I must have already passed it along. I long ago gave away Daughter’s crib, her highchair, her playpen, her car seats, most of her clothes…I know that.  We didn’t still have an easel she was too tall for at 4?

Sure enough, in the first place I looked…

Eeeeeeeekkkk AND Eeeeeewww!! 

Yup!  In the furthest, dustiest, most cobwebiest corner of my basement is where I found it. For thirteen years it has been there, unused and unloved.  Okay, I know it’s just a hunk of really dirty plastic but it’s also a perfectly serviceable toy that encourages creativity and self-expression (retailing about $60 new – not including supplies).

To that end, I’m going to…get Hubby to pull it out and take off the big scary webs ;), then I’m going to clean it up, repaint the chalkboard side if necessary, and recycle it for our friends’ daughter for Christmas. I’ll also be stocking it with paper, paint, brushes and chalk for under $20.

I’m excited.  😛


Happy Birthday To Me

November 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

Happy Birthday To Me

I turn 41 today. Technically not until 5:20pm. I have 3 hours and 10  minutes left to be at the top of the hill.  You don’t suppose getting older is anything like sledding, do you?  You know, going down being easier and a lot more fun than trekking up was. I hope so.

Hope everyone (Hi Shady!) has a great week.


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