My Library

January 12, 2013 § 4 Comments

Six months ago friends of ours helped install a new hardwood floor in our fireplace room. Along with prepping and painting, the room got quite the overhaul and I set into motion plans to build myself my very own library.

You can read, and see pics, all about the transformation and what it entailed here, here, here and here.  If you’re up for it, I highly recommend getting a feel for what the room looked like before we started, the difference is pretty incredible.

Anyway, I was hoping for custom shelves but that never panned out and for Christmas I asked Hubby for these…


I got two of each shelving unit and in one afternoon, BF and I got set to work and built all four units and set them in place. Of course that in itself was fun, especially after the second glass of wine, but not nearly as fun as doing this was…


I still have seven shelves, that are just holding misc crap at the moment, to fill with books, craft supplies and my curios. Who knew building your own library could be so exciting. The best part is that as a result the other rooms in my house are becoming much less cluttered by sheer default.

Yesterday, BF and I went out area rug shopping for this part of the room…


Where the desk sits in the picture is where I’ve put a loveseat and chair and will be the room’s sitting area. The loveseat is a hand me down and though structurally sound, it’s cover is old, dirty and ratted. I will eventually be getting it recovered but for now a sheet works just fine.
Now I realize the rug is a little busy and girly but personally, I love it. Hubby said it looks like Disney barfed on the floor but I don’t care, it’s my room and I like it. The colours compliment the walls, the shelves and the lamps. It’s very cozy particularly in the evening when the lamps are on low.

Of course, I still have some blank wall space that’s just waiting for paintings and pictures to be put up but all in all I can officially say, “Would you care to take tea in the library?”

I’m simply over the moon.  😀


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