Broom In Hand

April 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

I’ve been braving corners where neglect has reigned
I’ve been taking a flashlight to dark places

Deciding I’m done hiding
Exposing truths once and for all

Life is shorter than I could have imagined
Once believing I had an eternity

I’ve been seeking out the long forgotten
Hoping to finally make peace with my nightmares

Because somewhere among them still rest my dreams
I’ve been wrestling with my fear of remembering

Once I believed in me and all my determined trying
I once knew that I was actually stronger for all my crying

This stoicism has served it’s purpose for stiff upper chin
For not falling apart at a moment’s notice, what good does that do

Broom in hand, I sweep up after decades of yesterday
A determined top to bottom spit shine

And I see you, remember how you were there for me
And I can only smile in gratitude and thanks




Organize 2013 – Update #3b

April 16, 2013 § 2 Comments

Wow, two posts in two days, I’m on a roll!   😀

It’s a dreary day here with grey skies and rain though I’m not complaining. The air is still nice enough that we got out for a wet walk around the neighbourhood this morning. Besides, the rain is washing away the last of winter’s remnants and, after 6 months of snow, it’s a welcome relief.

Anyway, seeing as how any work outside has to wait ’til it’s dry, I got my pics uploaded and even had time to work with them for some cool before and after views.

My big organize project this month was our bedroom. It was years and years in coming but something more pressing always seemed to come up and take my attention away.  Sorely in need of a fresh coat of paint, purging, reorganizing and sprucing up, the room was a bit of an embarrassment. Thank Goodness no one but us ever saw it…well, until now I suppose.  😛


This was Hubby’s side of the bed, and no, a neat freak he is not.  Basically it was a dumping ground and with the room being as small as it is, it cluttered up pretty quickly.  We decided, last minute actually, to try moving the bed and see how that would work. We were surprised to see how much more room we had.

These pictures are wall for wall, I just basically went around the room and took a couple of shots of each one before and after. Doesn’t it look like a totally different room. I will never again underestimate the difference hanging a few pictures will do to brighten and liven up a space.

This picture is the most telling about just how neglected our room was. The before picture is exactly how the room looked 15 years ago, just after we bought the house.  Though we primed the walls and painted most of the trim purple, as you can see we never managed to get around to covering the black trim around the closet (who paints anything in a bedroom black???).  What a world of difference and, again, I find that even that small picture above the door just adds something.


Again, more contrast. For the cost of a can of paint, a few decals and a simple decorative piece (from the Dollar Tree, of course) the room is literally transformed. I’m realizing more and more as I do these projects just how much of a minimalist I really am. I’m all about simple, clean and uncluttered.


So here we are, the last before and after pic. What was once the ‘entertainment corner’ is now my side of the bed and I love it. It may look a bit cramped but frankly, it’s more room than I had before and it’s much nicer. The calendar also adds a bit of changing scenery which is also nice. I’ve never had a calendar in my room before, it’s neat.

That’s it for now, I’m taking a break for at least a week. I have regular housework to catch up on and it won’t be long before it’s nice enough to start working outside. I’m really looking forward to that.


Organize 2013 Update #3a

April 15, 2013 § 2 Comments

Well, I guess now that Spring is finally here and the sun is shining my motivation to get crackin’ on my Organize 2013 projects is in full gear.  I know we agreed to a monthly update but I’ve been getting so much done that to save it all for one post would be long at best, tedious at worst.

Having said that, I’m also not trying to show anyone up, I just want to document all the little (and big) organization projects I actually managed to follow through on this year. So no worries Shady, I’m not holding you to keeping up with my updates.

I have two though, this post will be about the smaller of the two projects and next week (only because I have to yet to finish uploading my before and after pics) I’ll post about the bigger one. (No spoilers!)

This week’s post is about organizing underneath the bathroom sink. I didn’t exactly get the before picture I wanted, I had already emptied the cabinet before I thought to grab my camera. Just picture all of the stuff in the following pics crammed into a small cabinet. There, easy peasy.




I found 5 bottles of shampoo! Unbelievable the things that get forgotten when you can’t see them.  So I sorted and purged and wiped out the cabinet. In the meantime, I got a visitor who came by to see what I was up to.


Awwww, too cute.  Anyway, I’m fast realizing that the Dollar Tree is an organizers heaven. So many bins, baskets and stackables in all kinds of colours for dirt cheap.  If you need a little push to get yourself motivated to do an organization project, I highly recommend a visit to your local Dollar Store just to check out all the neat things they have to help get you started.

So there it is.  For the sake of $5 and 30 minutes, I actually know how much shampoo, razors and extra toothbrushes I have.  That would be 12, btw. Sheesh, I don’t even have that many friends.  😛

Organize 2013 – Update #3

April 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

My apologies to Shady @ Unschooling Royalty for this month’s slack Organize 2013 post.

Unfortunately this post is without before pictures. Between the end of winter and Easter, I just didn’t get around to taking any before pics. However, I did manage two little organization projects.

I cleaned up and organized my make up shelf in the bathroom. I bought a set of really cute floating shelves for $10 and made use of some empty wall space and it made such a difference. It looks so much cleaner and more organized.

Inspired by going through bins of receipts for our taxes, I decided to save myself work for next year and picked up some bins from the Dollar Tree. Organized quarterly, each bin holds three months worth of receipts. Phew, such a little thing at practically no cost will save hours of aggravation next Spring.


There you have my Organize 2013 project for April.  Now that Spring is finally, officially here I’m thinking next month’s project will be taking me outdoors. I’m excited, I could really use some fresh air and sunshine.


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