Broom In Hand

April 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

I’ve been braving corners where neglect has reigned
I’ve been taking a flashlight to dark places

Deciding I’m done hiding
Exposing truths once and for all

Life is shorter than I could have imagined
Once believing I had an eternity

I’ve been seeking out the long forgotten
Hoping to finally make peace with my nightmares

Because somewhere among them still rest my dreams
I’ve been wrestling with my fear of remembering

Once I believed in me and all my determined trying
I once knew that I was actually stronger for all my crying

This stoicism has served it’s purpose for stiff upper chin
For not falling apart at a moment’s notice, what good does that do

Broom in hand, I sweep up after decades of yesterday
A determined top to bottom spit shine

And I see you, remember how you were there for me
And I can only smile in gratitude and thanks




§ 2 Responses to Broom In Hand

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