Organize 2013 – Update 4 (Part 1)

May 2, 2013 § 4 Comments

This post is a bit unusual, it’s not exactly about organization around the home despite the task requiring a great deal of planning and organization. However, since it will be taking up a good chunk of my time for the next week, it’s all I am able to manage.

Next weekend is ComiCon and Hubby and Daughter are again attending leaving me home alone to fend for myself for a whole three days. What ever will I do with myself…bahahahahaha.  Hopefully you noted the sarcasm there.

A whole weekend, Friday included, to myself at home.  Aaaaah, bliss.  But I digress, that’s for another post.

Anyway, Daughter has had her costume ready to go, well, pretty much since ComiCon last year. Hubby, on the other hand, didn’t wear a costume last year but has decided that this year he would take advantage of his uncanny resemblance to this guy…


…actor Robert Picardo as The Doctor from Star Trek Voyager. It’s almost creepy how much they look alike. Coincidentally, Daughter is going as The Doctor (10th – David Tennant) from Doctor Who. Neat, eh?

Anyway, he could have simply ordered the costume on-line, at no small expense, but he asked me if I thought I could manage it. I’ve been making medieval costumes for over a decade and he has every confidence, more than I do myself I might add, that I could handle the challenge.

For the record, the outfit is a jumpsuit…ack!  Way out of my comfort zone. As it is most of my medieval creations have been dresses, tunics, capes and bodices. Although I have made a couple pairs of pants over the years, they were never my best work. A jumpsuit, what was I thinking?

Hubby ordered the pattern from the official Star Trek website and I spent weeks just going over it trying not to get overwhelmed. When I finally decided that I would give it a try, we went out and purchased the fabric necessary for the project.


There’s Pin Pig, my faithful sewing buddy, more ready than me to take up the needle and get at ‘er. The pattern came with over a dozen pieces, many of which had to be put together because of packaging issues. Whatever, I’m practically an expert right?  Sure, I know what I’m doing.  NOT!  I ended up having to do a lot of research and finally resorted to creating my own diagram.


One steadfast rule I abide by is an old carpenter’s adage…measure twice (or in my case, half a dozen times) and cut once. The fabric for the costume, though much less than the cost of buying the entire costume outright, was not cheap and we can’t afford mistakes.

I finally mustered the confidence to start cutting the fabric and I have to say, so far, it’s working out well. I have all the pattern pieces cut out* and put together properly and started on the top portion (department colour).


Because the fabric for the coloured part of the jumpsuit is not as sturdy as the rest, I’m lining it with black, light weight, cotton. This will make the jumpsuit sit better at the shoulders and make it look more polished.

*I had to alter the original pattern to leave out a spandex panel that supposed to go inside the jumpsuit. For the life of me I just couldn’t figure it out and I don’t have time (or frankly, the inclination) to dick around with making a test jumpsuit. We’re not aiming to win any costume contest, just trying to get a workable and comfortable facsimile.

Next post will be about how I altered the patterned and putting the pieces together. The final installment will be the finishing touches; the zipper, the shoulder pads and the elastic waistbands.

Wish me luck!

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§ 4 Responses to Organize 2013 – Update 4 (Part 1)

  • DaughterWhovian says:

    Hehe, You do realize that i am going to have alot of people fan girling when they see my costume at Comic-Con. And plus, they might ask me some questions. Not sure really.

    • Sheri says:

      I’m sure you’ll get lots of comments and questions about your costume, it rocks! Hope you and your friends have a blast. Dad too, of course. 😛

  • shadyladypdx says:

    Is it that time again? Fun! You sewing skills truly amaze me. Every Halloween I wish I had you abilities. I would have the coolest costumes. *sigh* Enjoy your weekend!!

    • Sheri says:

      Thanks Shady! Yep, that time again. ComiCon, Mother’s Day and our 18th wedding anniversary, all on the same day this year. So even though they’ll be home on Sunday afternoon, I still won’t have to cook! Hehehe…I lucked out this year for sure. Thanks for the kind words about my sewing skills, like anything it’s just practice. 😀

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