Organize 2013 – Update 4 (Part 2)

May 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Sorry for the delay in getting around to these posts but it was crazy around here getting ready for Comic Con.  Hubby and Daughter are home now and they had a blast. The costume I made Hubby (the subject of this month’s update) was a huge hit and he got asked repeatedly where he purchased his costume. He made no bones about how proud he was to tell people that his lovely wife made it for him.  Awwwww, eh?

Anywho, I’m finally posting the second and third parts to this update.  The official pattern, ordered from, was rather complicated and I had to alter it if I was going to be able to complete the project.

The original design calls for a spandex panel to be inserted on the inside at the back.  What?  Yeah, forget that…so, using a carpenter’s level, I drew a straight line through the excess and cut the pattern along the line.

This gave me a tapered piece that would be simpler to construct.  I did the same thing on the side back piece.  Next, it was time to do some more cutting and put it all together.  I started by constructing the collar and adding the lining.

Next, I had to attach the collar to both the front and back pieces of the jumpsuit.

Because the shoulder part of the sleeve is the same colour as the collar, I had to put the sleeves together before I could attach them to the jumpsuit.

Once the sleeves were attached, I added the zipper down the front, sewed the crotch together and then the sides.

Next post will be the finished jumpsuit.

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