EarthQuaking News

May 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

We had an earthquake this morning around 10:00 am measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale.

Not completely uncommon in these parts but definitely not a regular occurrence, the earthquake shook the foundation, rattled the windows and scared the living shit out of all the cats. You know it’s not just a big ass truck when you hear your dishes shaking on their shelves and all at once four cats scramble across the hardwood floor and bolt down into the basement. Poor things.

We had a similar earthquake a couple of years ago at the end of June but I was outside when it happened and the difference is tangible. I hardly noticed it that time, most of the area’s earthquakes go unnoticed, and it wasn’t until Daughter came out of the house visibly shaken (pun not intended but it works) and white as a ghost that I realized it must have felt much stronger being inside.

Well, I can attest that indeed it does feel much more unsettling (oh wow, again, pun not intended) surrounded by moving floors and shaking walls. Not to mention the response of the animals was pretty disturbing in itself.

In any case, so far there are no reports of any major damage or injuries and life as we know it merely goes on.

Such is life in the valley, where’s the beer?  😀


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