A Woman’s Perogative

November 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

Well, that’s what they say anyway.

So I’m back after only a few weeks ago being sure I was done.  I suppose I needed a break from feeling like I should be blogging. Besides, I didn’t feel like I had much to say.  It’s been quite a year, year and a half really, and as it sometimes has a way of doing, life has been moving much faster than I could keep up with.

There was a time when I would have easily, perhaps even eagerly, written about the events of the last 14 months. I would have felt justified in my need to get it out, see it in text and share it. Perhaps I’ve grown out of that need or perhaps I’m just avoiding it.

Maybe though…maybe I’m just deciding to experience it. No blurbs, no poems, no essays. Just sitting with these thoughts and feelings and finding a way through them without dramatization. Almost a foreign concept for me who is so accustomed to overt outward expressing.  (Read: I’ve been known to be a major drama queen.)

Anyway, this leads me back to the Organize 2013 project Shady Lady @ Unschooling Royalty and I started in January.

This month, especially because I just had my 3rd 40th birthday (just seems cooler than saying 42nd), I’m realizing the value of inner organization. Priorities, long term goals, even aspirations and dreams sometimes need reorganizing as much as any bookshelf or closet.

To that end, for the rest of the year, preparing for Christmas notwithstanding, I’m going to work on sorting through some worn out ideas, dust off some old hopes and put a shine on some goals.  Wow, that was pretty cheesy eh?

Oh well, it stays.  And I leave you with this quote from one of the most lovable losers to ever come out of British television…

“Yeah, well, everyone dies.  You’re born, and you die.  The bit in
  the middle’s called life, and that’s still to come!”
Dave Lister – Red Dwarf “Future Echoes”


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