Speaking of Ends…

May 18, 2014 § 1 Comment

I recently ended my procrastination about Spring cleaning and finally cleaned out the mudroom.  A long awaited chore that bounced from list to list until I eventually forgot to write it down.

I just woke up yesterday morning and decided I was going to do it.


Weird how much that accomplishes, just doing something. Instead of planning, debating, discussing, and writing endless lists about…the only thing that actually changed anything was just getting in there and doing it. I know, it’s not Plato, but it’s still a pretty good metaphor.

A smiling Gnome agrees.


At Least It’s Pretty

March 27, 2014 § 2 Comments


I just took this pic out my back door. Le great big freakin’ sigh! Let’s throw a “Really?” in there to boot. Oh how I’m trying not to whinge but man it’s hard when you’ve been staring at the same landscape for the better part of five months.

Honestly, I think I’d be just as frustrated if I were anywhere with a consistent climate though, at this moment, I’m having trouble imagining myself being vexed about sitting on the same beach for five months. It’s all perspective, right?

Nevertheless, I’ve always maintained that I thrive in a four very different seasons environment. Though winter is admittedly my least favourite of the bunch, I can usually tolerate it because the other three generally make up for it.

This is me and my best friend on her birthday, two years ago.  That was taken a week earlier than it is today.  Notice how we’re outside? Notice how bright the sunshine is? Notice how we’re wearing t-shirts?  Hmmm, I don’t feel better.


Even last year, it was easily mid March when the melting snow gave way and revealed what had happened to my Gnomes.

Teehee…okay, now I feel a bit better.

Still, this winter is dragging on and we’re supposed to get below freezing temps overnight and freezing rain by morning. It’s hard to not be tired, grouchy and fed up.  As for the snow though, if it’s going to fall, at least it’s pretty.

Project 52 – Week 23

June 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hat tip to Cate@Moments of Whimsy for the invitation to share in this project of making it a goal to do something I love at least once a week. I’ve been lax lately. Even when the rare urge to prose struck, I mostly ignored it. But this week I’ve been inspired to jump back in.

When Good is Better than Better

Better means trying harder
Better means yesterday was less

Better means some kind of measure
Better means comparisons

But when good is good it’s great

When looking down means being content
With what is on your plate

That’s when good is good and great

Better means still holding on
To something less than fine

Better means that yesterday
Is still too much on my mind

‘Cause right now good is good
And that’s better than better


May 23, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’ve been meaning to do this post for over a week but we’ve been super busy.  Between the gardening, opening the pool, the gorgeous weather and the socializing there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

Anywho, here is my tree garden filled with pretty flowering perennials that will hopefully fill out nicely over the next few years.

There are hosta, violets, bugleweed, ferns, dwarf goat’s beard, tiarella, heuchera and some annual begonias for their bright red colour.  They go all the way around the tree in a pattern.  It was much harder than I thought it would be to remain consistent and I had to move a couple of them.

Boy was it worth all the work though.  Such a difference from the barren waste land that it was just a couple of weeks ago.  I’m beginning to understand why people do this sort of thing. Gardening is incredibly rewarding.

And in keeping with tradition, despite the distraction of their Comic Con weekend, Hubby and Daughter still managed to bring me home a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

Though not as bright and flashy as his backyard counterparts, this guy sits quietly in the flowerbed beside the front door with his sign to welcome visitors. I haven’t named him yet but I was thinking something like Willhelm the Welcoming. What do you think?

My Minions

May 4, 2012 § 3 Comments

It started with just one, doesn’t it always, little guy in a blue hat as a Mother’s Day gift a couple of years ago.  Since then, I’ve amassed a small army of garden watchers.  And yes, every one of them has a name.

The two tiny guys in the very back (inside the plant pot) are Merry and Pippin. The stern looking fellow in front of them is Groucho. The frog’s name is Noliet and next to her (in the green hat) is Nicholas. Lumiere has the red hat and solar panel wheel barrow and the tinkerer is Fred.  Ted is in the middle and next to him is Bob. Mr. Gigglesworth is down front laughing and pointing and to his right (left in the pic) is Benjamin the turtle.

If this keeps up, I’m going to need a bigger yard.  😀

Hope everyone has a beautiful first weekend of May.

What’s in a Gnome?

May 31, 2011 § 4 Comments

Okay, so it seems you all (all three of you who read my blog) are asking for an update on my little Gnome family.  First a little history.

For Mother’s Day last year I received my first Gnome as a gift from Hubby.  I never expressed, or had for that matter, much interest in them but Hubby saw one and thought I’d like it.  It was LOVE at first sight.  He was just so darn cute.

This is him, Bob.  Because I was new to Gnome adoption I had no idea that the little critters like to be named.  Not being able to come up with one on my own, I held a blog contest to Name my Gnome.  Cate’s daughter B won the draw and the rest, as they say, is history.  At the moment Bob’s job is to guard the garden supplies and just be his adorable self.

This is Noliet, nope not a Gnome but an equally valuable member of my garden family.  She got her name from Shady’s daughter Princess who suggested it for the contest.  I liked the name so much that even though someone else won, I knew I would use it and as soon as I saw this little froggy, she was Noliet.  Noliet is in Hubby’s veggie garden watching over the beans.

This is Mr. Gigglesworth, another suggestion from my contest.  Doesn’t his name suit him?  I giggle every time I look at him.  He’s in my veggie patch, though he’s too busy smiling to worry about the squirrels that got at my onion bulbs.  But who can stay mad at a face like that?

This is Fred.  He’s named after Hubby’s father who passed away before we met.  My father’s name is Bob so I thought it fitting to pass on another patriarchal moniker.  Fred is on planter patrol, a job he seems to have no trouble working into his tinkering schedule.

These little guys are the twins, Merry and Pippin.  They’re much smaller than the others and so they live indoors and keep a watchful eye on the house plants.  They usually do a good job but every so often the turn their backs and a frisky cat will knock over the aloe vera.

There you have it folks.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my Gnomes as much as I did writing about them.  😀

Sunday’s Share – And the Winner Is…

June 13, 2010 § 4 Comments

Thank you to all who offered up your suggestions for my Name This Gnome contest…part of last week’s Sunday’s Share hosted by Cate @ Moments of Whimsy.

I wrote all the suggestions down on slips of paper.

I folded the slips up, put them in a bowl and had Daughter draw a winner.


“BOB” suggested by Cate’s daughter B.

Kind of freaky because I won the draw Cate held a few weeks ago…but I swear it was a totally random draw and I didn’t play favourites.


Congrats to B! Cate, just send me an e-mail with your relevant info and I’ll get that care package in the mail asap.  I’d show you all what the prize is but I’m not sure myself yet.  I’ll do a follow up post once B receives it.  🙂

Again I’d like to thank everyone for their submissions and I loved the names so much that I’ve decided to use them for the gnomes I adopt in the future.  I can’t wait to fill my gardens with a Noliet, Frank, Norbert, Tomte and Mr. Gigglesworth.   😀

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