900 Stitches and Counting

January 17, 2011 § 6 Comments

It was -23 C withOUT the windchill this morning.  Trust me, even for us, that’s cold.  The blessing was that we didn’t get any more snow.  Double blessing is that Daughter and I didn’t have anywhere we had to go.

And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect because in the mail today (yes, the mail made it – I was a little surprised) I finally got my Christmas package from my friend’s Mom in B.C.  She’s a lovely woman who, for the last decade or so, treats my like a part of her family.

I got…oh my gosh it’s so cool…my eyes lit up when I saw it and I did a little happy dance.  Okay, okay…I got a DVD copy of the 8 part miniseries adaptation of my all time favourite book…Pillars of the Earth.  It is such a thoughtful gift and I moved that she remembered.

Good thing I had been working on my novel before Daughter checked the mail or the 3 pages I managed to get done, might not have been written.  Yes, I actually got passed the rifling through papers and rereading, finally putting some more words into action.  I’m very pleased with the results too.  There’s nothing like spending two hours working on a scene that you end up hating and tossing.  😉

So when Daughter brought in the package and I opened it, that was it.  The rest of my day and evening had been planned for me.  I did a quick tidy of my laptop and papers, stacking it all neatly to one side of the table.  I tossed some leftover quiche into the microwave, I popped the first DVD into the player, grabbed a duvet and my knitting and settled in for the long haul.

At 900 stitches and counting, 15 rows, I’m still just over halfway through Daughter’s Dr.Who scarf and almost done the 4th Episode.  Guilt?  Well, maybe a little…then I go open the front door and it gets sucked out by the freezing wind.



More Rain and Other Stuff

September 21, 2010 § 5 Comments

It’s wet again here – another week of rain forecast for this week.  At least we had a really nice weekend and I got to enjoy my deck two days in a row.

Daughter’s application for her High School courses is ready to go and as soon as we get our hands on the final piece of required documentation, she’ll be all set.  Yikes, my baby is starting high school!  Yay, it’s totally her decision and she’s really excited about it!  😀

She also starts an Improv class this week that she’s really looking forward to.  It’s so refreshing to see, especially being the introvert she usually is, putting herself out there and really loving something so extroverted.  It also helps that I took theatre in college and it’s like watching her follow in my footsteps.  With the added joy of knowing her feet are much more firmly gripped than mine were.  😉

Son is settling nicely into his new job and is making the most of the opportunity to set himself back on the right track.  By the end of December he’ll have everyone he owes paid back and have over $2,000 saved up.

Hubby and I have agreed to use the opportunity of Son being home (with the ensuing support) to pay for a college course that he is keen on taking.  The local community college offers a Bartender course, complete with Smart Serve certification (a provincial prerequisite if you want to work as a server of alcohol) and Son is really excited.

I’m just basking in the glow of happy, mostly grown up, making their own decisions kids right now.  😀

But still, I’m not forgetting that I’m my own person and my medieval dabblings are slow going but they are still moving and I’ve managed to get some content together for my website.  I still have tons of pictures to take, costume projects to finish and a PayPal account to set up.

Along with all that, I’ve really wanted to get some landscaping done.  I want to plant bulbs under the maple in front so come spring I’ll have flowers.  I was also hoping, now that the deck is done, to start attacking the overgrowth in the backyard.

Bob the Gnome and his friends are buried under foot tall Dusty Miller, weeds  and some really tall yellow flowers that look like Black-eyed Susan but aren’t that have come across the fence from the neighbour’s yard.

It’s rather a mess out there but with rain being called for the next seven days…meh, I highly doubt I’ll get to it any time soon.


Stop the World, I’m Gonna Barf

August 19, 2010 § 8 Comments

Not the prettiest title I ever came up with but it certainly sums up how I’ve been feeling lately.

You know how when you’re on a roller coaster ride and it’s not until it starts to slow down do you realize that you’re really not having as much fun as you had hoped or at least think you should be having? Then before you can even process that the ride starts to pick up speed again and it takes everything you have just to keep your cookies inside your stomach?

You all get that lame analogy right?

The thing is, my life is that ride and I bloody hell want to get off.  What I mean is, I want it to just stop so I can catch my breath, look around and decide if I want to keep riding this roller coaster or finally choose a different way to live.

Believe me, it’s not nearly as simple as it sounds.  At least it isn’t for a neurotic, often still thinks like a 16 year old single teen parent, cripplingly insecure woman about to enter the last year of her 30’s.

I have soooooooo much baggage and it weighs me down to the point where I can’t even move, sometimes even literally.  It used to depress me because I really thought it was my lot in life, my cross to bear.  Now though, now it just frustrates me and even pisses me off.

Still, I can’t seem to drum up the courage to just toss it. There’s a part of me that needs to examine every shred of it in case I might need it later.  An emotional packrat is what I am.  A hoarder of useless and worn out thoughts and feelings that serve no purpose other than to remind me what a rough time I’ve had.

Oh lord I’m pathetic.

I just realized that I have absolutely no point to this self-pitying rant so I should probably just end it here, run a nice hot bath and get into bed and watch a crappy movie (a good one would take too much energy to follow).

If you read this far thank you and I’m sorry.   😉

Speaking of Making Things Work

August 14, 2010 § 3 Comments

And this time I’m not talking about the ever elusive romp with the spouse…  😉

I’m back to the medieval costume business I’m trying to finally start after a near decade long hiatus.

Things are going really well and with my most recent project, what started as just a bunch of fabric and ideas…

in just two days has progressed to…

Now it’s just a matter of getting out the sewing machine and putting all those pieces together into one cohesive garment, without a pattern.

Just to make things interesting, while I was shopping for more lining, I came across the following fabrics in the remnant bin…

I wonder what I’ll make out of that?  I’m really excited to find out.


Random Update

August 9, 2010 § 5 Comments

The stifling humidity that’s been plaguing us has not really let up but the rain all day yesterday brought with it a most welcome reprieve.  We had the windows and doors open all day and it was so nice to breathe the cooler air.

Son has gotten himself a new full-time job that in a few short weeks will afford him the opportunity to make changes to his less than desirable living arrangements (and keep him out of our basement).  Supporting and encouraging him to pull himself up by his own bootstraps has not been easy but totally worth it.

It has always been easier to just take him back in instead of watching him have to deal with bullshit, but in the long run I know that it’s much better for him.  He’s definitely been learning more about his responsibility to face the consequences of his decisions.

The oh so anticipated deck has not progressed much since I last wrote about it but frankly, I’m not concerned. We’ve made more progress this summer than we have in a decade and I know that eventually it will get done.  And come next year I’ll get to go shopping for outdoor furniture and planters to decorate it and I’ll be very happy.

Other than that, I’ve been playing with fabric and having a blast…

I just LOVE fabric as an artistic medium.  The picture above is not a dress, it’s merely the front piece of an incomplete  bodice and a bunch of fabric just thrown together made to look like a dress (a la Art Attack hosted by Neil Buchanan).

There’s just something so forgiving about fabric that appeals to me.  It can be placed, moved and rearranged so easily that it almost pains me to have to cut it and sew it to turn into something practical.  Yet, I need that element of practical if I’m to make any money from my creations.

Anyway, there might be some news on the medieval business front but I want to confirm it before I get too excited about it.  I’ll keep you posted.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

A Sampling

August 4, 2010 § 6 Comments

The redevelopment of my medieval website is going slower than I had hoped.  Hubby needs time to work out how to implement the fancy mouseover catalogue application that I want.  And then of course I still have to make a database with all the content.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to finish up a couple of incomplete projects, you know the kinds of things that sit around for nine months but in the end take less than ten minutes to actually finish.

Anywho, here’s a few pics of the kinds of stuff that will make up the bulk of my inventory…


Feast Gear

and Accessories

I’ve also got tons of bits and pieces but my main focus will be on the above items.  I recently got a lead about a flea market opportunity but in the end the dealer wanted way too much for the space plus a 12 month commitment and I had to pass.

For now, I’m going to focus on getting the website up and perhaps getting out to a local craft fair where I need only to pay for a table for a day or two.  That rather suits me much better anyway.

And now back to our regularly scheduled stifling, without air conditioning, humidity.  Ugh!

It Just Keeps Going

July 29, 2010 § 3 Comments

Wow, this whole medieval ball is just a rollin’ along.

I’ve got all my costumes in one place, I have found and organized most of my accessories, fabric and patterns.  This weekend Hubby is going to help me get the website back up and running and I’ve found all my old files that have my order forms, business card templates and pamphlet designs.

What boggles my mind is how close I was to getting started with this and how easily I let myself forget about it.  I have literally years worth of work already invested in this project and it’s just been sitting there dormant.

I also worked on a graphic for the website…

What do you think?

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