Organize 2013 – Update #3

April 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

My apologies to Shady @ Unschooling Royalty for this month’s slack Organize 2013 post.

Unfortunately this post is without before pictures. Between the end of winter and Easter, I just didn’t get around to taking any before pics. However, I did manage two little organization projects.

I cleaned up and organized my make up shelf in the bathroom. I bought a set of really cute floating shelves for $10 and made use of some empty wall space and it made such a difference. It looks so much cleaner and more organized.

Inspired by going through bins of receipts for our taxes, I decided to save myself work for next year and picked up some bins from the Dollar Tree. Organized quarterly, each bin holds three months worth of receipts. Phew, such a little thing at practically no cost will save hours of aggravation next Spring.


There you have my Organize 2013 project for April.  Now that Spring is finally, officially here I’m thinking next month’s project will be taking me outdoors. I’m excited, I could really use some fresh air and sunshine.


Organize 2013 – Update #2

March 2, 2013 § 2 Comments

I’m a little early with this month’s Organize entry because I’ll be busy on Monday.  Anyway, last month I thought I wouldn’t get around to anything big because I had finally finished putting together my library and that was a huge project that took weeks to complete.

Well, life has a way doesn’t it and while we were at an auction a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with a dining room set that was basically a steal. I couldn’t walk away from it and just knew I had to have it. It’s not like we make major purchases very often and the last dining room set we bought (from a consignment shop) was over 12 years ago.

So voila, easy peasy, paid for and picked up. Well, that part was easy. What wasn’t so easy was cleaning out the older, much bigger hutch, and sorting through over a decades worth of “stuff”.  I wasn’t going to have room for everything in the new hutch so I had to prepare myself to downsize, big time.

This is the beginning of the emptying out process. The stuff on the piano and in the corner was leftover clutter from the library as well, it was total and utter chaos for two weeks. But this is what it looked like after.

Interestingly, I did not find the process of purging very painful and it was pretty easy to decide what was going. Of course, there was a part of me that didn’t want to sort it at all and was tempted to grab a couple of boxes and garbage bags and just toss the whole mess.

Seriously, what a disaster. I’m really not sure how I managed to avoid screaming every time I walked in the room. Nevertheless, I kept at it and before long, all that mess was made tidy and neat.

The piano looks, well…like a piano and not the back room of a Five and Dime. I also dispensed with many of the curios that were cluttering the top of the piano opting for a simpler and cleaner look. Not to mention that now it’s much less of a pain to dust.

The worst was the corner of chaos…it’s where we put everything we didn’t know what to do with. I was amazed at how quickly we filled that space.

I was equally amazed at how quickly, once we decided to just do it, that the space was emptied and cleaned up.

Ah, a minimalists dream, right?  The room looks twice as big as it did before and I feel 20 lbs lighter (figuratively, of course – literally, I wish).  Oh, not shown are the outlet covers I finally put back on after I took them off to paint the room, 6 years ago. What can I say, I’m the Queen of Procrastinate.

So, that’s my Organize update for March. As always Hat Tip to Shady @ Unschooling Royalty for getting the ball rolling on this Organize 2013 project.

Organize 2013 – Update #1

February 4, 2013 § 2 Comments

Hat Tip to Shady Lady @ Unschooling Royalty for the inspiration and the idea of making the focus (I hate to say resolutions…just sounds so resolute) of 2013 to ORGANIZE.

Shady and I have gotten together to do these monthly posts to encourage, support and help each other keep on track with our organization projects big and small.  Sorted out a sock drawer, organized your cookbooks or recipes, cleaned out your closet, purged a bunch of boxes in the basement, built custom shelves in the garage? IT ALL COUNTS.

If you want to join us, click on the link to Shady’s blog and find out how.

Okay, to my first post. This is kind of a cheat because I did this last month but it was a very large project and I’m still adding finishing touches almost daily.

It’s the shelves for my library…


I told you it was a big project.  I finally got some shelves for the fireplace room that I wanted to turn into a library. In one afternoon, with some help from BF and some elbow grease, we got all four units built and placed where I wanted them.

That was three weeks ago.  Since then, I’ve spent hours puttering from room to room, floor to floor, box to box, picking and choosing what books, art supplies and curios that would be put on these shelves. I think I’m finally settled with what I’ve got and I must say I’m pretty pleased.


I just hope this doesn’t set the bar too high for next month’s post.  I may just be posting about cleaning up my spice rack.  Hey, it all counts!

Organize – 2013’s Word of the Year

January 20, 2013 § 5 Comments

Inspired by Shady Lady’s post The Big Reveal, I’m adopting Shady’s word for the year, ORGANIZE.

I took it a step further and came up with the following expansion…


It seems fitting with what’s been going on around here the last couple of weeks. Between finishing up the library and the subsequent rearranging of our “stuff”, we’ve been decluttering, sorting, cleaning and purging like mad.

And it feels absolutely amazing!

It most definitely is an expenditure of energy but I’m looking at it like I would a financial investment.  Yes, it’s costing some now but later I’ll reap much more interest in the way of time to recharge and take stock without all this stuff and crap filling my home and my head.

It really is amazing how much our things can weigh us down, physically, mentally and emotionally. I suppose that’s why they call it baggage. In any case, I’m a huge proponent of if you haven’t used, worn or appreciated something in the last twelve months, you probably don’t need it.

Note how I qualified with appreciate?

Reality is we don’t really use everything we fill our homes and spaces with. I have books that I haven’t opened in decades but that doesn’t mean I’m about to toss, donate or gift them.  My photos don’t all get looked at yearly but I’m not parting with those either. I have buried treasure in the basement that I haven’t seen in five years but I know it’s there and finding it is an adventure waiting to happen.

So, for 2013 my goal is to sort through all of my 40 years of accumulated stuff and either find a place for it or gift it or donate it or throw it out…in that order.  I’m not spending another year putting off, avoiding and making excuses.

Who’s with me?

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