A Blanket’s Worth

May 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

I have feverishly weaved threads
I have desperately tried to tie seams

Without thought to an end pattern
Without thought to other than right now

I sew to hold on to what is in hand
I sew to extend the life of the worn

Knowing that a blanket’s worth is not its’ look
Just as not all great stories are inside a book

I have nervously minced words
I have bravely tried to live up to

With such an unattainable ideal inside my head
With such an unreachable goal within my grasp

I have broken promises, I have outright lied
I have depended on how many times I have died

With not so much as a nod to how I survived
With not so much as a whisper of gratitude

I have wrapped myself in righteousness as grace
Worn it upon sleeve as much as used it to save face

I have since apologized, I have since made good
I have tried as hard as any one could

And though it doesn’t look like much now
This patchwork of reaching for my ideals

Keeps me warm and I feel safe within
While I wonder where you are and pray you’re okay

Rainy Day Musings

April 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

We were supposed to work outside
First nice enough Spring Saturday

But it hasn’t stopped raining

So we cleaned out the fridge, ewww
and I sorted Canadian Tire money

I made the bed, disgruntled cats
And sorted my laundry

I cut strawberries and made jam
Hoping for ducks, it’s a great day for them

Because it hasn’t stopped raining

We put away groceries and laughed
How it’s the first nice enough Spring Saturday

How we were supposed to work outside
And glad that it hasn’t stopped raining

Broom In Hand

April 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

I’ve been braving corners where neglect has reigned
I’ve been taking a flashlight to dark places

Deciding I’m done hiding
Exposing truths once and for all

Life is shorter than I could have imagined
Once believing I had an eternity

I’ve been seeking out the long forgotten
Hoping to finally make peace with my nightmares

Because somewhere among them still rest my dreams
I’ve been wrestling with my fear of remembering

Once I believed in me and all my determined trying
I once knew that I was actually stronger for all my crying

This stoicism has served it’s purpose for stiff upper chin
For not falling apart at a moment’s notice, what good does that do

Broom in hand, I sweep up after decades of yesterday
A determined top to bottom spit shine

And I see you, remember how you were there for me
And I can only smile in gratitude and thanks



As Much As I’d Like to Cinderellaize

January 29, 2013 § 2 Comments

Sure it was tough going early on
Nothing was ever worth writing home about

Despite the countless attempts at
Soulful poetry I penned

I tried anyway to get my message out
I tried in my own way to express this faith

But my attempts at lyricizing
Fell flat in that I know nothing about music

Other than that it moves me
Other than banging out three chords

On my ancient guitar
On my faintest hope of relief

Because out loud is better than
Not at all

As much as I’d like to Cinderellaize
I’ve come to realize

That I make my own shoes
I’m in charge of my own dos

And whether or not on you’re on board
Is totally up to you

I’m headed where my three chords take me

Because out loud is better than
Not at all

A Rain Dance

September 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

What do you do at first downpour
After the driest summer on record?

You go outside and get your feet wet
You raise your arms a little bit

Then you bust a move or two
While the rain falls over you

Do a turnabout just like this
Being sure to express your bliss

Please also laugh out loud
Knowing you’re making Mother Nature proud

By dancing in the rain

Happy Birthday!

September 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

Twenty four years have since flown by
Since I first met my little guy

Button nose, eyes deep brown
Auburn gossamer on his crown

Speeding through all life’s stages
Time is a war that endlessly wages

Turning our babies, into kids and teens and then
One day we are looking at young women and men

And we are brought to wonder
How the hell did that happen?

Happy Birthday
Love, Mom xo

Project 52 – Week 35

August 23, 2012 § 3 Comments

The Woman That Saved Me

Graduation day, 19 year old me
My son had just turned three

Two years earlier I was alone and unsure
Struggling but trusting my intentions as pure

I sought a way to make good and do right
And before long I had an angel in sight

The woman that saved me
Is as mild mannered as they come

Well, after all, she is a Nun

But not typical, in any way, shape or form
Sister Betty Ann was definitely not the norm

But she always got the job done
She always made her point and got her way

At the very end of the day

The woman that saved me
Built a school where I could go
When I was 18 with a toddler in tow

And when she spoke with me
She always encouraged the best I could be

She was also an English teacher and liked my poetry
She always told me I should keep at it

The woman that saved me

Project 52 – Week 33 (I think)

August 10, 2012 § 5 Comments

A Novel Idea

I wondered how long I could ignore
I wasn’t sure I would last a day

Let alone a week, a month
But it’s been over a year

Since I put away
A story I started so long ago

Always believing it a novel idea
Always happy when I was working on it
Always wanting to just finish it

Project 52 – Week 30.5ish

July 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

Facing My Fears

It’s a wonder I made it to forty
For all the things I’m scared of

Recently, I tried, going up really high
Something that births terror in my belly

It’s a wonder I didn’t scream
Oh wait, I did, a little

We went up and around 170ft
Again, and again, again and again

Something outside creaked loudly
Hubby laughed wickedly

At the expression on my face

Finally, it ended, I bolted
And almost kissed the ground

It’s a wonder I made it to forty years

When I’m scared of heights, loud noises, spiders, the dark, traffic,
clowns, balloons, aliens, doors left unlocked, bunnies (you’ve obviously
never had one jump across your path at night) and a host of other things.

Project 52 – Week 29

July 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

The Falls

Majestic, loud in their thundering
Throwing water and air

Over the chasm
Without remorse

Nature’s intentions witnessed
Lost I am in awe

Niagara Falls

* Note: I know I’ve said I’m not photographer but I think I did pretty good with that one. Can you see the double rainbow?

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