My First Quilt – Part Two

March 26, 2014 § 1 Comment

I finished up the seams on the bottom layer of my quilt and I’m quite pleased.  Though it would take a fraction of the time I’m putting into this if I opted to use my sewing machine, I rather enjoy doing it by hand.


Besides,  it’s awkward to run a pedal while lying in bed watching re runs of Downton Abbey.  Hand stitching however, easy peasy.  😀  Besides, the hand work appeals to the romantic in me.

I often envision myself sitting in front of the roaring fireplace on a cold winter’s night with stitching in hand a hot toddy close by.  I’ll have to try it sometime because I haven’t yet…there’s no television in the library.  😉  But I digress!

Here’s the top of the quilt laid out, good side down…


Once I first realized that I indeed was making a quilt I wanted to make it single bed size. That idea lasted less than two days when I got itchy to get to the next stage. Really, I was just getting bored of adding squares. On reflection though, it’s still a bit big for my first quilt…I should have gone a bit smaller and cut larger patches.

Here’s the top with the batting over it. I did my utmost to center it keeping in mind that on the front, the top and bottom edges are going to be wider than the sides because of the edging on the back.  Confused?  I certainly am and I know what I mean.

This where I got nervous because I’m not sure where to go from here.

My gut tells me to put in stay stitches through the top and batting before attempting to put it all together.

I could also just pin the crap out of it and hope I don’t bleed to death before it’s finished.

However, I have decided that I’ll be using the “stitch in the ditch” method of quilting the whole thing. This way, all I have to do is follow existing seam lines. In the meantime though…

I’ve neatly rolled up the top and batting and put it away until I’m feeling braver and have done some research.  I’m no longer comfortable just winging it.   😀




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