Making Lemonade…Figuratively

April 16, 2014 § 2 Comments

Since I can’t do anything about the weather, for now I’m stuck doing indoorsy stuff until Mother Nature sorts things out with Ol’ Man Winter. Oh well, it’s not like there aren’t a dozen little projects around the house that need attention. (Today I actually scrubbed the shower tiles…yes, that’s how bored I am.)

But yesterday I did something a little more up my alley and way more fun than today’s date with Scrubbing Bubbles.

I sewed myself a long coveted duvet cover. Hubby and I have been using the same green plaid comforter that we got as a wedding gift 19 years ago…I know, eh? We’ve gone through four beds/mattresses in that time but the blanket remained the same. It was always just one of those things…meh, we’ll get a new one sometime.

Anywho, a few weeks back I ordered two coordinating sheet sets on-line. It was a Groupon deal and I was really excited because the colours (purple/white with purple paisley pattern) would go perfect in my newly painted (light purple) bedroom. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the fine print and I assumed the sheets were 100% cotton, I wouldn’t have ordered them at all had I known that they weren’t.

Not that I have a huge grudge against polyester, I don’t, but I prefer to sleep on cotton bedding. Well, what a waste I thought. I washed them anyway, and though they softened quite a bit, it still wasn’t the same.  Then it occurred to me that I could make a duvet cover out of the top sheets and still get the look (if not quite the feel) I was going for.

So, right sides together I sewed all the way around the sheets with an inch seam and left a 5 inch gap in the middle of the bottom. Voila!  That’s all there was to it. I turned it outside right and stuffed our trusty comforter inside.

What a difference and it only took about an hour.


Middle of April – Updated

April 14, 2014 § 3 Comments

Update:  We never did get the promised kaboomies yesterday afternoon though it rained pretty steadily until this morning.

Around noon today the rain turned to this…

Ah crap!  This really sucks.


We had some heart pounding, out of skin jumping, adrenaline rushing thunder last night. Woohoo!  I love it and it’s my favourite part of a good storm.  Don’t get me wrong; the rushing wind, pelting rain and blinding flashes of lightning are awesome too but a good bout of raucous thunder just makes it so much better.

Unfortunately, it only lasted a few minutes then it moved on and down to a distant dull roar, awwww.  It’s okay though, we’re expected to get another storm this afternoon. Judging by the jump in humidity and wind velocity in the last hour, it won’t be too much longer.  Weeeeeeee!

Anyway, the remnants of winter are mostly gone now and the relief is palpable.

Neighbours are out raking out their lawns, kids are on their bikes and I even have some bulbs sprouting in my tree garden.  My windows are open, finally freed from their plastic cages and letting in the long awaited Spring air.  A good thunder storm is just icing (or bacon if you’re Hubby) on the cake.

I can’t wait for my Lilac to start blooming.


Cleaning Closets and Purging Purses

March 31, 2014 § 1 Comment

I will say this for the delay of Spring, something positive I promise…

I sure am getting a tackle on the cobwebs and the wrangling of dust bunnies.  It’s even been nice enough today to have the windows and doors open.  All four cats are on the back steps noses in the air. Oh, happy day.

Not wanting to waste the motivation from the fresh air,  I emptied, swept, mopped and reorganized the front hall and coat closet.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think of it before I started and there are no before pics…all’s the better I say, I hadn’t cleaned it out in a few years and it was a real mess.

I did snap a few pics of what I found in there that I’m purging.

Here is the pile of coats, jackets, sweaters, boots, a bubble wand, an unused box of Hallowe’en lanterns and a pair of flip flops. Not shown are the mass of reusable shopping/grocery bags that I’ve accumulated over the years.

More astonishing however, and only I can take credit for it, was this…

…the plethora of purses I’m purposefully purging.  (Sorry, I had to.)  Anyway, some of them I haven’t used in years and a couple still had the thrift store tags on them. Ridiculous.

If I were to set any goals for the rest of the year, one would be to stop buying stuff I don’t need, even if it is from a thrift store or second hand shop.  Just because something is cute and cheap doesn’t mean I need it anymore than if it were gorgeous and expensive.

Anyway, it took me a good two hours from start to finish and it was well worth it.

You wouldn’t believe how much crap was hung on the hooks and stuffed on top of and beside the bench. The space looks twice as big now. Yay!

Look, we even have extra hangers for guests.  :D


After noticing the wasted space above the shoe rack I thought maybe I should get some shelves.  Not wanting to wait for the gratification of getting it done today, I opted to use tea cup hooks and hung our hats.  I could actually move them around a bit and get a few more in there.

…my beloved shoe rack. I bought it a few years ago…actually, the last time I cleaned out the closet and I love it.  It fits nicely inside the hall closet and holds all our non-winter foot wear, my purses (I’m keeping five) and two empty backpacks.

All in all, I’m pleased and even more motivated to get at the rest of the house.

At Least It’s Pretty

March 27, 2014 § 2 Comments


I just took this pic out my back door. Le great big freakin’ sigh! Let’s throw a “Really?” in there to boot. Oh how I’m trying not to whinge but man it’s hard when you’ve been staring at the same landscape for the better part of five months.

Honestly, I think I’d be just as frustrated if I were anywhere with a consistent climate though, at this moment, I’m having trouble imagining myself being vexed about sitting on the same beach for five months. It’s all perspective, right?

Nevertheless, I’ve always maintained that I thrive in a four very different seasons environment. Though winter is admittedly my least favourite of the bunch, I can usually tolerate it because the other three generally make up for it.

This is me and my best friend on her birthday, two years ago.  That was taken a week earlier than it is today.  Notice how we’re outside? Notice how bright the sunshine is? Notice how we’re wearing t-shirts?  Hmmm, I don’t feel better.


Even last year, it was easily mid March when the melting snow gave way and revealed what had happened to my Gnomes.

Teehee…okay, now I feel a bit better.

Still, this winter is dragging on and we’re supposed to get below freezing temps overnight and freezing rain by morning. It’s hard to not be tired, grouchy and fed up.  As for the snow though, if it’s going to fall, at least it’s pretty.

My First Quilt – Part Two

March 26, 2014 § 1 Comment

I finished up the seams on the bottom layer of my quilt and I’m quite pleased.  Though it would take a fraction of the time I’m putting into this if I opted to use my sewing machine, I rather enjoy doing it by hand.


Besides,  it’s awkward to run a pedal while lying in bed watching re runs of Downton Abbey.  Hand stitching however, easy peasy.  :D  Besides, the hand work appeals to the romantic in me.

I often envision myself sitting in front of the roaring fireplace on a cold winter’s night with stitching in hand a hot toddy close by.  I’ll have to try it sometime because I haven’t yet…there’s no television in the library.  ;)  But I digress!

Here’s the top of the quilt laid out, good side down…


Once I first realized that I indeed was making a quilt I wanted to make it single bed size. That idea lasted less than two days when I got itchy to get to the next stage. Really, I was just getting bored of adding squares. On reflection though, it’s still a bit big for my first quilt…I should have gone a bit smaller and cut larger patches.

Here’s the top with the batting over it. I did my utmost to center it keeping in mind that on the front, the top and bottom edges are going to be wider than the sides because of the edging on the back.  Confused?  I certainly am and I know what I mean.

This where I got nervous because I’m not sure where to go from here.

My gut tells me to put in stay stitches through the top and batting before attempting to put it all together.

I could also just pin the crap out of it and hope I don’t bleed to death before it’s finished.

However, I have decided that I’ll be using the “stitch in the ditch” method of quilting the whole thing. This way, all I have to do is follow existing seam lines. In the meantime though…

I’ve neatly rolled up the top and batting and put it away until I’m feeling braver and have done some research.  I’m no longer comfortable just winging it.   :D



Themeless 2014

March 24, 2014 § 1 Comment

I can’t believe it’s the end of March already. Of course since we’ve still got tons of snow and barely above freezing temps, it sure doesn’t feel like we’re anywhere near Spring…it might as well be January.  Le Sigh.

I was thinking about trying to come up with a theme for this year, something akin to the previous blog shares that I’ve participated in but frankly, I’m not that motivated.  Some days getting out of my jammies requires all the motivation I can muster.

So, at least for now, my blog will remain themeless for 2014 and just be about random stuff.

Besides, I like the idea of not committing to a weekly or monthly post. I’m curious what will happen if I take the “have to” factor out of it. Who knows, maybe I’ll get more done not worrying about whether or not I’m going to blog about it.  :D

Anyway, it is supposed to warm up by the end of the week to a balmy +6 C. Woohoo, let’s open the pool! Okay, not. However, I will be able to open up some windows and doors and air the house out. Simple pleasures.

And it seems that thought alone sparked a bit of get up and go and on a whim, I sorted through some long neglected piles of boxes, stuff and miscellaneous crap in the basement. It felt really good to finally get at that.

Now I get to make lists and buy more bins and maybe even some utility shelves. It may not be Spring outside but that doesn’t mean it can’t be Spring inside.  ;)



My First Quilt – Part One

March 19, 2014 § 1 Comment

*Before I start, I’m having wordpress/gmail issues and can’t comment directly to any comments at the moment. I have to get someone smarter than myself to have a look at it. I’ll ask Daughter later.

Anywho, it’s still winter here in full force and the only thing chasing the blah’s for me lately is watching Netflix and working on my quilt. I’m not sure exactly the moment that it actually became the beginnings of a quilt because I didn’t set out to make one.

I was sorting through some fabric and found some coordinating fleece that I thought would be fun to play with. I cut out a few squares and before I knew it, I had this…


I didn’t use any pattern and just randomly added squares trying to avoid putting two of the same colour next to each other. I failed in a couple of places but overall, it turned out pretty good.

This is the finished top. I just randomly decided I was done, eager to get on with the next stage. In the meantime though, I had extra squares and I cut out some hearts and added an extra dimension the quilt….some applique.

I’ve got the back/bottom almost done now too…I just have to finish up the last corner.

Part Two will be about putting the top, bottom and middle (quilt batting) together. Did I mention I’ve never done this before?  This is NOT a tutorial.



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