Some Losses are Personal

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And some are universal…


Alan Rickman
1946 – 2016

A Bit of Holiday Cheer

December 21, 2015 § 3 Comments

I needed some cheering up, for obvious reasons, so we set about decorating for Christmas.


These two little elves, a friend’s kids we were wrangling for the night, were thrilled when Hubby brought up the tree.  I pulled out the decorations and off they went.  They did an awesome job.


There’s Darth posing in front of the finished tree. I found him lying under it about half an hour later.


I love this bit of winter whimsy. Even more because it looks like it’s going to be a very green and balmy (14 C forecast for Dec. 24) Christmas. Anyway, it’s cute and it jingles when you open and close the door.


Here’s Sarah Jane in the library. Cheeky thing she is, baby of the family and she knows it.  People stockings beside the fireplace, kitty stockings on the mantle.

Yes, my cats have their own stockings…there, I said it.  :D

Happy Christmas

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Herc and Daughter enjoying a cat nap on Christmas Eve.
~ 2011 ~

R.I.P. Hercules – Who is Rescuing Who?

December 13, 2015 § 2 Comments


2000ish – Dec. 5, 2015
(Rescued Dec. 2004)

Dearly and Deeply Missed


House Update w Pics!

October 19, 2015 § 1 Comment

The best laid plans and all that…

What was supposed to take a week has now stretched into almost a month. Valley weather is not known for it’s consistency, especially this time of year.  (Put it this way, it was 4 (C) and snowing yesterday. It’s 8 and raining right now and tomorrow it will be 13 and sunny.)

The recent either too wet or too cold has made completing the job harder than we anticipated.

Nevertheless, progress is still progress and we may still get it finished yet. But in case we don’t…I’m posting these pictures to mark how far we’ve gotten.

This is the house before.


This is after Hubby removed the hedges and
the first coat of primer was applied.

This is now.  It still has an unfinished look but compared
to what we started with, it’s like a brand new house.

Hubby vs Hedgezilla

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I believe a good test of any marriage is a major DIY home renovation project. No matter how much they agree on the end result, getting there often involves two different people with VERY different ideas as to how.


Case in point…meet Hedgezilla


Hubby: It’s got to go…it’s growing into the eaves and pushing on the roof.

Me: I agree. Let’s call someone.


Me: Did you call someone about the hedge?

Hubby: Oh yeah, I called BUDDY. He’s going to lend me his Dad’s chainsaw.


Hubby: But for now, I have this…


Me: A handsaw? (Le Sigh)

HOURS LATER: BUDDY with chainsaw showed up and in no time a knife fight become a battle of the electric sword.

Me: You’re not even wearing protective eye wear!  Well don’t blame me if you get a chunk of wood in your eye and go blind.

All told this story actually spanned two days, I condensed it. The rest is not important. Hubby won the battle and didn’t lose any eyes.


He says it’s a combination of determination and will. I say it’s a combination of arrogance and luck. Either way, we got a big chunk of our house back. I can’t wait until it’s all finished and comes together.


11 Years Later

September 30, 2015 § 3 Comments

Once upon a time, 2004 to be exact, I went away for a week on holiday with my BF. Hubby decided to surprise me by having the house painted. How thoughtful. We had already picked out the paint colours before I left because we had planned to do it ourselves when I got home. Woodsy beige for the main and dark green for the accents…


Oopsie! It’s the thought that counts, right? I suppose it could have been worse…I’ve seen houses painted purple. In any case, it was a professional job with quality paint so there was little point in covering it up right away.

Well, after 11 winters, most of which were pretty harsh, it was finally time to repaint. We got started last weekend. First we got rid of what Hubby refers to as “hedgezilla” and then we started with the primer. What a difference!


Hard to tell from this pic but it’s already looking like a brand new house. I’ll post better pics once we’ve got more work done. I can’t wait until it’s finished and it’s time to start adding the accessories like lights and new house numbers etc…  I’m even looking forward to redoing my front garden, that’s saying a lot because I’ve admittedly got mostly black thumbs.

Oh, I’m also pretty sure that most of my neighbours are more excited than I am.  :D


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